Cynthia, You are my hero! I was moments away from going on Metformin, an oral diabetes medicine. My doctor said I needed to lose 10 pounds and I was trying but only GAINING. My long time client told me about Cynthia. How she works with people with cancer, autoimmune diseases and diabetes and turns their life around to where they don’t have these problems anymore through health. At first I had a hard time trusting but told myself to just trust Cynthia and in 6 weeks I would get blood tested and see if it made a difference. I followed everything she said for me to do exactly as she told me and in 6 weeks I lost 16 pounds and my doctor said she has never seen anyone’s points go down when the numbers were so high. She said Cynthia was a “genius” and to keep doing what she tells me. Very impressive coming from my doctor! And my thyroid numbers went down too and I was able to lower my meds from 75 to 25mcg. Very impressive. You are so special to me and I love telling people about you. You are a very special person. So giving and caring and non judgemental. Thank you Cynthia! Xxo

-Trina Belton

I had been spinning of and off at RPM trying to get into the groove after not having worked out for over 3 years! Not feeling great overall, way too much work and no energy for anything
I finally decided to make a firm commitment and start with a regular exercise program. I bought a private training package and was on my way. The surprising thing I was not expecting was the comprehensive and personalized workout/ lifestyle attention and advise I received from both Cynthia and Karyn. We talked food, exercise and bone structure. Gotta tell you, these women are sneaky! My cardio got longer before training and my training got incrementally harder without me even feeling like I had been “over worked”. After a few months of private training I signed up for boot camp (5 days a week for 5 weeks) which consisted of 1 hour of cardio and over the 5 days a full body work out concentrating on specific muscle groups and different forms (cardio kickboxing, floor Pilates, yoga). Today, minus 15 lbs. and working out consistently….. no cheese, no bread and two fasting cleanses later I feel great and have the energy to handle anything!

-Miiko Watanabe

“I started a bootcamp in the summer of 2015. Before that, I thought that if I ate one meal a day and knocked out 600 calories on the treadmill, that I would lose weight. Cynthia explained that I needed to eat more often in order to boost my metabolism. I didn’t feel deprived of food, like being on a diet. Rather, I made adjustments in the preparation of what I ate.

The hour and a half boot camp sessions have got to be the most effective and efficient way to see visible results sooner than you expect. The sessions are challenging AND rewarding.

Not only have I been extolling the virtues of RPM Fitness to everyone that says to me “hey, you look different,” but I’m starting my next boot camp tomorrow morning. I’m up for the challenge.

-Dell Calloway

There aren’t words enough in the English language to describe what Cynthia has done for me, or express the level of gratitude I feel toward her. Cynthia changes your life. She has a way of getting inside you, and her combination of experience, knowledge and sheer intuitive genius combine to lift you from sickness into health if you allow her to. I don’t know if she literally saved my life (which she may have) but I can say with conviction she saved me from a life that didn’t feel much worth living.
She’s a true healer. I’m now younger, healthier, happier, and more alive than ever – and the loving, gifted conduit that is Cynthia Graham played a huge part in my transformation. She has my eternal gratitude.

– Blake Beltram

I am so happy I decided to try Spin at RPM! And went on to train with Karyn (my tough love champion)
These incredible power house owners and the whole RPM crew has changed my life. I am not only fitter than I have ever been, I am filled with more courage and confidence to take on the world.
RPM is a journey, both a physical and emotional one. They are friends for life.
I am inspired by Cynthia, Karyn, Marlon and the whole crew…every single day.
RPM is simply the best!

-Michele Martin, Actress

I dropped 18 lbs of FAT (not weight) in just 30 days!!
It doesn’t matter if you are in terrible shape and have quite a bit of weight to lose, an active person, struggling to lose those last 10 lbs. or you’re someone that has the goal (or maybe the need) to improve your health and fitness level, then I have a couple of life changers for you- Cynthia and Karyn Graham at RPM Fitness.
I thought I knew everything I was supposed to know about “eating right” and losing weight, yet I just couldn’t make the scale move in my favor. Well, that all changed the moment that I stepped foot into their world, or what I like to call, “The No Nonsense Zone”.
Karyn and Cynthia’s program is comprehensive in that they go beyond treating change with just exercise, but they address other contributing factors, including your diet through meal planning, giving you tools in making better food choices, support and feedback that goes beyond the studio. And then there’s the exercise!
When you workout with the Graham sisters, if you ‘let go and let them’ do what they do, your potential will be realized. Their key focus is on maximizing your ability though proper technique and consistent feedback. Their amazing bootcamp program, includes a high calorie-burning spin session, followed by a diversity of fat burning and core & strength building activities, including Yoga, Cardio-kick, Pilates, weight resistance training and homegrown classes, like the Karyn Technique. The combination of toning and tightening your muscles, coupled with burning fat is quite transformative to your physique. Family, friends and co-workers will take notice. In the pictures that I included, take note of how I loss fat from my chin, neck and belly, while toning the muscles in my arms- these are actual results from only 30 days!
If you are ready to stop talking about it and are ready to bring your goals to a reality, then don’t walk- RUN TO RPM FITNESS STUDIO!

-Dennis Jarmin

My husband and I came to RPM several months ago in the midst of a serious health crisis. He needed a new kidney and I planned on donating one of mine. I wanted to be in good shape for the surgery and he needed to lose weight in order to undergo the transplant. Within a few months I had lost 20 pounds and he lost 30! His kidney function and related blood values improved so dramatically that his doctors have postponed the transplant! Cynthia and Karen’s commitment and level of knowledge is unparalleled in the fitness community. They taught us how to use food to heal our bodies and exercise to maximize our results.


I have been exercising and yo yo dieting my whole life. Ha! I even wrote a show about it. Recently, I had a life event that changed my outlook. My mother passed away at the end of 2015, and I knew I needed to change my behavior. This time it wasn’t about getting thin, it was about getting healthy. Since I couldn’t control my mother’s sickness and death, at least I wanted to control my health..

I had been spinning at RPM for years, but I wanted to kick it up a notch. Well, RPM SlimFit Bootcamp was just that! Exercising 5 days a week for 90 minutes was definitely changing me. Not only was it changing my body, but changing my attitude. It’s a commitment, but it was my commitment. My commitment to my body. My commitment to myself. It’s not just about the exercise though. In bootcamp the individual attention to nutrition is priceless. Cynthia and Karyn tailor made an eating plan that works for my body. Because they understand the body so well, they can spot an issue or a problem almost immediately, which means easier and faster results. For me, after struggling for so many years, I needed the win. I know its a process, and as of this moment, I am 33lbs down, but most importantly, I feel in control of my health. What Cynthia and Karyn gave me was the guidance and confidence to continue on this path.

-Rachel Cohen

I’ve tried a few other spin studios around the neighborhood for a compare-contrast and RPM is hands down the best one around. The classes are challenging. The instructors are encouraging. I had been spinning at RPM for years and it was definitely my go-to for working up a sweat. But after I had my second kid, I knew I had to kick it up a notch to work off the baby weight. That’s when I signed up for RPM’s Slimfit Bootcamp. Intense training and nutritional counseling, five days a week for five weeks. It was definitely intimidating. Cynthia and Karyn pushed me outside of my fitness comfort zone. Simultaneously they were encouraging and supportive. I showed up every morning, worked up a sweat and followed their nutritional guidelines EXACTLY. Their mantra is: it’s not just about exercising, it’s about what you put into your body. RPM bootcamp is not about crazy crash diets. Karyn and Cynthia educate you about food. By the end of the five weeks, I lost 15 lbs. But more importantly, I found a new way to look at food. I continued to follow their nutritional guidelines and CONTINUED TO LOSE WEIGHT. Their method works! It’s not just about finding a new fitness routine, it’s about finding a new lifestyle!

May Chan

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