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Show up to the first class you want to take (show up 5 minutes prior), bring your Universal ID badge and sign in on the sign-in sheet. If you’re signing up for spin, we provide the shoes and we’ll set you up on the bike. That’s it! We will take it from there*.

*Once you are signed up, we will enter you into our system and you’ll be able to sign up online from then on.



Yoga Core Sculpt

Pilates Beats


Hip Hop Beats

Hip Hop Pilates


Sculpt, Core, and Stretch. This class packs the triple threat! Upper body, and core work with free weights,basic followed by yoga poses and stretches are the perfect combo to create long lean muscles, and that six-pack just in time for summer!

This class combines an upper body workout, followed by all the powerful pilates moves. One of our most popular classes, you will see results in just a couple of weeks, all to a hip hop beat.



YOGA, PILATES AND MORE. This class, cleverly designed by RPM’s newest addition, Beth Phillips, integrates yoga, pilates and just a little more! A great class for your lunchtime break, you can squeeze a little workout which will rejuvenate, and restore for the second half of your work day, all in 45 minutes, without a sweat.


Hip Hop Beats

Who doesn’t love a good hip hop class?? The funniest way to burn calories, by far!! Shake and pop your booty to the latest hip hop groove and moves. With Karyn at the front, no one gets left behind! For 45 minutes, she’ll break down each move, beat by beat. All level are welcome!


Hip Hop Pilates

Similar to the Hip Hop Beats, with this class Karyn adds a twist by taking you down to the floor and integrating some pilates core mat work for the last 15 minutes.


The Karyn Barre Technique

This is the booty barre class to beat all classes!! Known as the “Butt Queen”, Karyn designed this specific lift and technique to lift and round the booty, without bulking the thighs. You will feel and see results after ONE class!



This 60 minute cardio class is a blend of the two most popular classes around, CrossFit and Kickboxing–off steroids. Experience a taste of the new craze, without having to call 911! Kickboxing, and upper body circuit, to cool music. Definitely a workout, but worth it!


Ride and Restore

An intense ride with uplifting music followed by strengthening and lengthening overstretched muscles, concluding with a meditative moment to restore posture and body awareness. A 5 minute guided mediation rounds out the rejuvenation.


Meditation Classes (Free)

Bring a backjack floor chair or cushion for sitting against the wall and join us for this effortless practice…no experience necessary and anyone already practicing a silent meditation of any variety is welcome to sit in.

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