Lose 15lbs in FOUR WEEKS!

RPM Bootcamp

4 Weeks | Daily M-F 6AM – 7:30AM

What you get: Cross Training Exercise, Nutrition Plan & Weight Loss Program

A brand new Boot Camp is starting and we figured there’s no better way to start the year than with a little motivation so, join us for our Boot Camp Series for $50 OFF!

Upcoming rpm bootcamp start dates:

  • May 29 2018
  • June 25 2018
  • July 30 2018
  • Sept 10 2018


Slimfit Bootcamp

 4 Weeks | Daily M-F 6AM – 7:30AM

For those who are intensely serious about losing weight.

We offer a complimentary physical assessment prior to start date.

What you get: One-on-one nutrition counseling, body fat analysis, intense cross-training program, spinning, Cardio-Kickboxing, The Karyn Technique, Power Yoga

Slimfit Bootcamp™ only offered at RPM Fitness Studio, has been around for 14 years. It is a four week weight loss program and cross-training program. Most boot camps are 90% running and weight training, that’s it. Very often that time of training is prone to bulk you up, while causing back and knee injuries. This bootcamp is specifically designed slim down, sculpt, tone while strengthening your body. In order to achieve those results, we do a variety of cross training, including pilates and yoga, which prevents injuries. We also design a food program based on your own individual needs, whether it be weight loss, or weight gain.

Will it be too hard? Slimfit Bootcamp is challenging, but extremely effective. Because there are many different fitness levels, everyone works at their own pace. We never push anyone beyond their own capabilities. Our job is to motivate you, but more importantly keep you from getting injured. We find most people have to be told to slow down! We’ve had students as young as 14 and up to 80 years of age attending our Slimfit Bootcamp™.

Upcoming Slimfit Bootcamp start dates:

  • May 29 2018
  • June 25 2018
  • July 30 2018
  • Sept 10 2018

New! Jumpstart Bootcamp

6 Days, 10 lbs! | Mon-Sat 6AM – 7:30AM

What you get: 7 day guided liver cleanse, daily intensive cross training exercises

Jumpstart your body back! Sometimes you just need a little jumpstart. This 6 Day Intensive includes Bootcamp Monday – Saturday classes, along with a 7 day carefully guided liver cleanse. The Jumpstart is perfect for those who can’t commit to a full bootcamp, have an upcoming event, wedding or movie, or just don’t know how to start their fitness or weight loss program.

Upcoming jumpstart bootcamp start dates: June 4 2018

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Cindy Rago

“It’s hard to believe a Groupon brought me to RPM because 3 years later – I’m still going strong 7 days a week!… 6AM Slimfit Boot Camp Monday through Friday, Fat Burning Saturday mornings with Cynthia and Spin/Yoga with Karyn on Sundays.Lucky for me, Karyn and Cynthia had the solution – RPM’s Slimfit Bootcamp!  It might seem extreme to say that this boot camp has changed my life, but it’s just the truth.  I’ve lost 35lbs and have a flat stomach and muscle definition for the first time in my life – but honestly what I value most is the education that Cynthia and Karyn have given me.  This is the first place I’ve found that educates you about food and how it effects YOUR body.  The individual attention and support is what makes this place amazing.  If you are ready to listen and learn, this place will give you an education in nutrition and fitness that’s based on your own results.


Camila Quiroga

Quiroga didn’t have a number she was striving to reach on the scale. Still, keeping a food journal along with being weighed was enlightening. “Through the process, I learned about how food effects my mood, stress, hair, sleep, skin… an eczema issue I’d dealt with even improved” she says. “During the incredibly stressful wedding planning time, boot camp served as forced self care.”

When it came time for the final fitting of Quiroga’s wedding dress, she’d gone from a size 12 to an 8, requiring the dress to be rebuilt. (Oftentimes, brides face the opposite size dilemma.) “It was a good investment,” she says. “On my wedding day, I felt good inside and out, something I decided needed to continue beyond that one day and become part of my lifestyle.”

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