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RPM328My sister and I are the co-owners of RPM Fitness Studio and Spoiled A Day Spa (now together in one location).

We are known as “The Graham Sisters”: a true family business, Karyn and I have given a new meaning to the word sibling love. More like going to a friend’s house to workout, rather than a gym, RPM is like no other fitness studio. For example, upon entering RPM there are couches by the front desk. We want people to feel free as if they were coming into our home, and if they feel like it, they can hang out after class. And hang out they do. The moment you step inside, you are always greeted with a friendly smile, and you definitely feel special.

In addition to a warm, friendly atmosphere, the classes, teachers and trainers are the best in Los Angeles. Unlike corporate gym chains, RPM classes are more intimate, and the instructors are more attentive. RPM also offers a variety of classes where you can meet all of your workout needs: Spinning®, Pilates, yoga, personal training, and nutrition counseling. RPM also offers several combo classes where RPM’ers (as they are sometimes called) can expect a 30-40 minute heart pounding motivating cardio, then another 15-20 minutes on abs, body-sculpting, yoga or Pilates. We like to recommend “Two workouts for the price of one!”

RPM is also known for its Slimfit Bootcamp™. This well-rounded physically and mentally challenging Bootcamp is recognized throughout the valley.

If you think good customer service, common courtesy, and friendly clientele is non-existent, visit RPM. We pride ourselves in changing your mind about fitness; our dedication and love is infectious.

– Cynthia Graham

“Right on!” – Karyn Graham


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