In the 20 years Karyn and I have worked with our clients, we have learned a LOT!

One of the primary things is understanding that no two bodies need the same food. We had to ask the tough questions: Why can’t these people lose any weight???? What the “*%$#” ! I’m a virgo, and I don’t like to lose or be wrong.  Which is great for my clients. Not always so great for me. The 2,000 plus individuals Karyn and I have worked with over the last 20 years have taught us a lot.

Here are the biggest things we discovered:

  • Every year, it becomes harder and harder for women to lose weight, no matter what their age.
  • The 20 year olds were having just as hard of a time losing weight than the 50 year olds.
  • Women were starving themselves to death and not losing a pound.
  • Men were dropping their calories in half, and still not losing weight.
  • Everyone was showing up with a thyroid problem.
  • People in their 20’s and 30’s were being diagnosed with more autoimmune disease.
  • 70% of our clients suffered from night sweats.
  • 70% of our clients were constipated.


Now some of this might be TMI, but if I wanted to get the bottom of these problems, I had to ask all of the questions.  I started documenting what clients were eating, drinking, how much sleep they were getting, asking about their pooping habits, what kind of meds they are taking, like anti-depressants and/or sleep aids – My head was spinning!! Some things would work on some people, but not everyone.

Every year I would discover one more piece of information that helps complete a piece of the puzzle. It’s taken a lot of research, studying, reading, and then taking all of that, applying and deducing, and doing it all over again.

20 years later, I’VE FINALLY GOT IT.

I’ve created a formula and a series of methodical steps, and often a completion of one set must be done before the next set can start. Honestly, it’s so complicated, that just trying to explain it becomes exhausting.

I’m not only going to share my findings with you, but I’m going to walk you through it, and I’ll be there every step of the way. 

5-Week Program

includes a customized gluten-free/vegan organic food plan, supplements, workouts, individualized program

We spend countless dollars escaping for a week long retreat to regain a sense of self – but this is so much more. This is 5 weeks that will completely transform you from the inside out!

This is your opportunity to see what it feels like to be vegan and exercise 5 days a week, living your day to day life and becoming your best self (I promise, it’s not as scary as it sounds) …

Ready to Change Your Life: Body, Mind, and Soul?


reboot | plant | momentum

  • r : reboot and restore your body. Built up toxins, dirty liver, excess white fat cells create a sluggish metabolism, and you will never lose weight.
  • p : plant new seeds  and NEW HABITS. THIS IS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE. I know you all say it, but most of you don’t really mean it.  You want to mean it, but you don’t. Diet’s don’t work. We will give you new tools for your new life. Because let’s be clear,
  • m : momentum & maintenance keep the body’s momentum moving in the direction you want it going, and keep it there. Learn what set’s your body’s momentum moving in the wrong direction.



Each of the 5 weeks will focus on one concept. The food, exercise and topic will reflect it as well.

  • WEEK 1 | REBOOT – out with the old, in with the new! This week will introduce your body to raw fresh juices, protein smoothies, slowly reducing food portion through the week, adding health options to your daily diet, eliminating the foods that sabotage progress.
  • WEEK 2 | RESTORE – restore your body to its original fast metabolism state through a liver cleanse with new juices, smoothies, salads, and everything you need to clean out your liver and really begin seeing weight loss.
  • WEEK 3 | PLANT NEW SEEDS & HABITS your old habits must be replaced with new habits to support your new goals, otherwise you will not be successful. This week you’ll find out what foods will trigger binge eating and how to start each day in order to stay on track for the entire day.
  • WEEK 4 | MOMENTUM  – whatever direction your body is moving in has built up momentum. Make sure  momentum is on your side. Learn what foods will increase your metabolism, what your body needs to bounce back, and how to move that number on the scale and reverse the momentum to get you the results you deserve.
  • WEEK 5 | MAINTENANCE  Fit 5 Maintenance Plan that will give you the 5 things you can DO (not eliminate) to completely get back on track should you derail. This will ensure that you stay the course and maintain a your weight and health to make sure you are 100% successful!

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