Katy Dennler

Throughout her entire life, Katy has felt strongly connected to her intuition and healing abilities. Through her background in improv and comedy, she weaves playfulness and humor in her daily life and work. With years of experience with GLH, she has honed in and refined her skills to help people better understand their lives and the world. She aids in making a clear connection to the healing light that moves and changes us in the highest way from the inside out. Her healing can help you with anything from clearing blocks and negative energies to regenerating your youthful glow. All while keeping a smile on your face.

Join GLH teacher Katy Dennler for a weekly beyond meditation to reset your age, reduce lines off your face, and reconnect to your youthful glow to enhance your overall vitality, plus additional guided group healings based on what’s needed each week. 

Katy’s Class Schedule:

Saturdays at 4:00-5:00 pm – Beyond Meditation: Fountain of Youth