Cynthia Graham is one of the few women who was actually born and raised in Los Angeles – making her a ‘freak of nature’ from the get-go. She is the original founder and owner of RPM Fitness Studio and is known for her ability to motivate, ease frustrated clients, speak the truth, and never give up on anyone. This is the kind of personal attention she has always given to her clients and it has set her apart from other trainers in the fitness industry.

From the age of 6, Cynthia suffered from chronic digestive problems. After years of going to gastrointestinal specialists, Cynthia finally got sick of the poking, probing and taking medications, so she decided to pursue the holistic route. After learning more about her body, she became interested in nutrition and cleansing. She realized that many women were working out like crazy and not losing any weight because they were not eating the correct foods which would benefit their particular body type.

Always an athlete, Cynthia was a gymnast in high school, a runner and practiced jazz and ballet through college. The years of hard-core running, dancing, aerobics, and Tae Bo took a toll on her knees and back until Cynthia discovered Spinning®. She was hooked after experiencing the spinner’s endorphin rush. Intent on wanting to continue her intense exercise regime while tending to her injuries, Cynthia found her next love, Pilates. With her dancer’s background, Pilates and Spinning® were the perfect combination for Cynthia’s body. She immediately noticed her thin, lean dancer’s frame returning after beginning her cross training approach to fitness. Wanting to spread the word of her new found exercise regime, she opened RPM Fitness Studio in 1998. A certified trainer, Cynthia and her sister, Karyn began perfecting the training of “stubborn” bodies: those that have a difficult time attaining results. Over the years, she has dedicated herself to guiding her clients to heal their bodies.

The phrase, ‘passionately ambitious’ seems to sum up this business owner. Cynthia Graham’s zest for life has evoked a myriad of occupations during her career, including acting in theatre and television, accounting, C.P.A. and business entrepreneur.


  • Nutrition
  • Kinesiology
  • Genetic Disposition
  • Physical Biology