Karyn Graham, also know as, “The Butt Queen,” a “firecracker,” and a “fitness freak,” is the co-owner of RPM Fitness Studio. Many people don’t understand how this one woman can direct a spin class (seemingly spinning at 90 mph) then quicker than the eye can see – she suddenly takes a few seconds out of her workout to inhale her asthma medicine while at the same time turning up the volume on the stereo. How does she do it? Well, remember…she has been dubbed with the alias, “freak”…

Karyn has been a certified personal trainer for almost 15 years. Even suffering from a serious asthma condition has never stopped Karyn from obtaining her goals in life. Because of her background in dance and athletic training, she knows how important cross training is for a customized workout routine. Recognized as one of the top fitness trainers in Los Angeles, she has developed challenging workouts and special training techniques, which allow room for growth and development. Her sessions resemble more of an athletic training session rather than just a generic monotonous workout. Monotony is not in Karyn’s vocabulary.

“When someone comes to me and asks me to help them change his/her body, I get excited!” says Graham. “I think, let’s see what’s really inside there!” Karyn Graham understands her clients’ limitations but knows that everyone has an athlete inside of them and it’s her job to show them where that athlete has been hiding!

Over the years, Karyn Graham has created customized workout routines including the popular BodyBarre™, now known as the “Karyn Technique”. This workout encompasses dance techniques and specialty training which targets certain areas of a body, focusing on arms, buttocks, thighs and hips. She has also created “The Bench” workout which will slim arms and tighten abs while strengthening the lower back. When does she have time to develop new fitness training techniques? Well, let’s see…she gets up at 4:30am every morning, gets to the studio by 5:30am, teaches until 3:00pm, finds time to eat nutritious food and grab a quick cat nap, and then returns to the studio in order to begin her evening private training sessions. Our only guess is that she creates new techniques in her sleep.

“I always want to cut to the chase when I speak to my clients, so I can figure out what’s the fastest way to get them to their goals. And every person is different, right? That’s why I don’t train everyone the same way. Not only is that BORING but worse than that, it doesn’t work. I’m all about figuring out what works! I’m all about RESULTS.”


  • Spin
  • Pilates + Yoga
  • Dance