Marlon started spinning as a student at RPM Fitness in 2009. He lost 40lbs in just 2 months. Owners Karyn and Cynthia Graham saw the potential in Marlon as a spinning instructor. They personally trained him and he is now one of the most sought after spin instructors at RPM Fitness. Marlon’s taste in music is very eclectic, though always staying loyal to very catchy rhythms that everyone enjoys, whether it’s 70’s or 80’s hits as well as current music. His classes also incorporate a lot of Techno music and sometimes blending in some Latin hits. His teaching style can be very unpredictable, which makes students stay extra focused. He is currently working on his Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish with a minor in Italian. He is also planning to earn his license on Court Interpreting. Marlon has also been operating the RPM front desk since 2010.